[thy vernal chieftains cover]

Thy Vernal Chieftains is a storytelling game for multiple players (4-7 ideally), somewhat in the tradition of my other fine game Bacchanal.

The departure of the Roman legions from Britannia in A.D. 410 truly left the future of western culture up for grabs. Thy Vernal Chieftains is a game of telling fantastic and epic stories about Celts, Romans, Britons, Saxons, and Picts in this British Dark Ages, the springtime of our own culture, and thereby, of finding out how our own modern age might now be different.

The game was created as an indie entry to Jared Sorensen's Indie Game Company Game Design Challenge. The cover illustration is by E. James Heil, from my art direction, and was done on contract. The game was designed, written, and graphically designed entirely by me. Playtesting was by me and my righteous wife Danielle.

The price is $1.00 (U.S.), as mandated by the challenge, and payable via the PayPal button below. I will send the game (during waking hours, eastern time) to the email address on your payment as an email file attachment. (The file is 2.7MB)

In keeping with the spirit of the Indie Game Company Game Design Challenge, sales of the Thy Vernal Chieftains pdf were suspended after midnight on January 31st. Thanks to all who supported it in the challenge. I'm hopeful of seeing some public feedback if you play the game. And if you're curious how the contest played out, check here.

And in keeping with the spirit of the challenge, sales will be suspended at midnight, this coming Saturday, January 31st, at which point we'll all be waiting on Jared's resolution of the challenge winners.