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"Nicotine Girls....is bent, brilliant, perhaps a little offensive, possibly not for the sensitive, and the most human, innovative thing to come out of the gaming world in years. Oh yeah, and it'll fit on about a page or so if you print it out. the whole game. go read it. im not sure if i LIKE it, and im reasonably certain it'd be uncomfortable as hell to play it, but i love this game just the same.

Read it."

Chris Campione, in his weblog.

"The moment when playing Nicotine Girls when the players figure out that the game is competetive, but have to stay in character as friends so they start holding each other back. It's just one of those moments that hits you hard and why I've only played it twice and with two seperate groups."

Bailey ("Flower of December"), in response to the What's the most disturbing thing you've found in a game? thread on RPG.net.

"...a game that's both playable and actually socially relevant....Nicotine Girls is an under-rated knockout."

One of many anonymous comments about Nicotine Girls from voter participants in the 2003 Indie RPG Awards. They can be found here on the "Best Free Game" page, and here on the "Best Synergy of Game and Rules" page.