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"...one of the very few horror games that may actually need disclaimers, and maybe even safe words too."

Steve Darlington, in a review at RPG.net.

"...a new way to roleplay."

Jonathan Tweet's review appears here, at his personal website.

"Ich habe jedenfalls noch nie ein Spiel gesehen, das den Spielern derart gutes Werkzeug in die Hand gibt, um verstörende Situationen zu erleben und andere Ziele des "guten Rollenspiels" (wie gute Charakterdarstellung) in die Tat umzusetzen."

Andreas Melhorn's review appears here, at his own website, here, at X-Zine, and here, at Ringbote.

"This is....almost a mind-blowing idea from my perspective..."

Greg Costikyan reviews My Life with Master from a ludological perspective.

"a tremendous game"

Ken Hite reviews My Life with Master here in his October 8, 2003 installment of "Out of the Box."

"You won't find a game that's less generic than this, and that's intended as a compliment."

Jonathan Woodward, from his review at BlueBlood.net.
(cautionary note: Blue Blood has ads and links to some adult content).

"...the most interesting roleplaying game released this year....My Life With Master...lays bare a tragedy in a way that none of the World of Darkness family – this game's nearest set of neighbors – have quite yet reached."

Matthew Pook's review appears here, in Pyramid (subscription required).

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"Best Sui Generis RPG of 2003"

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"'My Life with Master' is bizarre, twisted, and brilliant; incredibly dark but, in the end, genuinely uplifting. I'm still trying to sort out what made playing it such a singular experience."

Nate, in his blog, Polytropos. Click for the full entry.

"Long story short, not ten minutes ever passed when a player didn't shout either 'this rocks!' or 'This game is F*CKED UP!'

Ed Heil, in his weblog.

"I really, really liked Paul's work on My Life with Master – gorgeous."

Jared A. Sorensen, in his LiveJournal.

"There's big buzz surrounding the Forge booth!...One [game] that generated a lot of excitement was Paul Czege's My Life with Master (Halfmeme), in which players play various minions of a domineering and nefarious Master. I'm going to try to play some of it tomorrow - it looks absolutely beautiful."

Jane, at ogrecave.com. Click for the full post.

"...the crowd favorite My Life With Master by Paul Czege (in which you play the cringing minion of a particularly ill-tempered Dark Lord)..."

"I don't claim to pick the best game, or even to try. I simply pick the new game that I want to play, for whatever that's worth. Here are my Picks of GenCon so far: 2003, My Life With Master..."

Jonathan Tweet, on his Picks of GenCon page.

"I bought a game called My Life With Master at GenCon. It's an RPG about the dysfunctional relationship between a master and his minions...It's heavily narrativist, which intrigues me, but the approach seems so intense that I don't know if it would be possible to run it successfully."

Jeff Tidball, in his weblog.

"I picked up several games, showing my lack of self-control. My favorite purchase was My Life With Master, which rocks -- I wouldn't mind playing it but it'd require committing for a few sessions. It is funny and sad and eloquent. The players are minons of an evil master, attempting to form human connections while serving his bidding. Probably the best value of the con."

Bryant, in his blog, Population One. Click for the full entry, which mentions lots of Forge games.

"It will creep you out. No, no, no. You will creep you out....No RPG has ever given me the shivers like this."

W. Don Flores, in Weekly Wyrd, No.3 Vol.9.

"If the list of RPGs I've provided thus far is an example of role-playing games that explore the darker side of humanity, then My Life with Master is the incautious leader of them all."

Rafael Velez , in Fast Times, Favorite Genres Part Two: The Horror! The Horror!, the October installment of his "And Lo - The Collector!" column.

"...in my opinion, the best indie RPG of 2003. From the concept...to the execution..."

Philip J. Reed, in his weblog.