How to buy The Clay That Woke

You can now buy The Clay That Woke as a pdf or physical book with/without a set of tokens, using the PayPal buttons below. The pdf is hosted at the Forge Bookshelf, and I'll authorize you for downloading it when I see your order.

 [ The Clay That Woke (cover) ]

The pdf is $14 (U.S.) via the PayPal button below. It's the same text, art and layout as the print version, at a resolution that will look nice even on a high end tablet, and with clickable page references in its uniquely designed Table of Contents.

And if you use a different email address at the Forge Bookshelf than you use for PayPal, please provide that address in the notes field of your payment.

The physical book is $27 (U.S.), plus shipping and handling, via the PayPal button below. It's a 6" x 9" softcover, 128 pages, offset printed on almond colored paper and lovingly designed to bring the world of the minotaurs to life, with 21 interior illustrations by Nate Marcel, iconography by Jeff Bent, and graphic design and lettering by Brennen Reece intended to evoke pulp novels of the mid-20th century. And if you buy the physical book you get download access to the pdf via the Forge Bookshelf as well.

Total Price with Shipping

The tokens are a set of 90 die-cut professionally printed stickers with a durable commercial grade top coating and 90 wooden tokens for them. You can buy a set, along with the physical book, and download acccess to the pdf via the Forge Bookshelf, for $67 ($27 for the book and pdf, plus $40 for the tokens), plus shipping and handling, via the PayPal button below.

I am totally sold out of token sets. The physical book remains available via the PayPal button above, or from IPR. The Downloads page has a downloadable "90 token layout for Avery 5163 stickers" pdf you can use to craft yourself a set of tokens.

To find out more about the game, see some of the art, and see a photo of what the tokens look like, check out the Kickstarter page. And if you have any questions, shoot me an email.