[how to buy Bacchanal]

Half Meme Press proudly offers print copies of the classic dice-driven version of Bacchanal for purchase. The book is 5.5" x 8.5", 12 pages, saddle stitched. Dice not included.

 [ a disclosure ]

The print edition differs very little from the free version:

  • There's Ed Heil's gorgeous cover art, which was commissioned for the print version.
  • There's a short intro which informs people that they could just download the game for free, but also suggests why they might buy the print version anyway.
  • There's the "Succeed the Proscenium" player advice text, exactly as I pasted it to the Game Chef forums.
  • There's a small change to the recommended number of Wine dice needed for play.
  • And there's a word change here and there.

And the licensed Narrattiva conversion of Bacchanal to a card game is very beautifully done, includes all my play advice and more, and is available here.

 [ still interested? ]

The price is $4.00 (U.S.), plus shipping and handling. If you're inside the domestic U.S. you can use the PayPal button below; shipping and handling for your order will be $1.25 (U.S.), and the book will be sent first class mail. If you're anywhere else, email me at paul@halfmeme.com, and I'll get you a shipping estimate.