[the world, the flesh, and the devil font]

Designed to aid in the creation of dice for the The World, the Flesh, and the Devil, this TrueType font provides icons for World, Flesh, and Devil, as well as plus and minus symbols in the same style. They can be printed to self-adhesive address labels at any required size, trimmed with scissors, and then affixed to blank wooden cubes, or over the sides of spare dice you might have lying around.

[world icon]
the World

The World is the environment; it's circumstance, causality, and the power of objects. The icon for World shows the front yard of a small house as a mechanistic, gear-shaped plot of ground, and the tiny figure of a man in the doorway.

[flesh icon]

the Flesh

The Flesh is strength, brainpower, sensuality, and health. The icon for Flesh was inspired by both the WinZip icon and Jim Dine's awesome painting, Blue Clamp. If you haven't seen Blue Clamp at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, you definitely should. It's everything that Flesh is in The World, the Flesh, and the Devil. It's energy and love, the complexity and scale of human emotion, the power of the human body, and the pain of stress and injury and acid-reflux.

[devil icon]

the Devil

The Devil is alienation, materialism, objectification, denial and fear. The icon for the Devil captures these in the image of a coin, which rather than a full-face or profile, shows a man's head three-quarters turned away from the viewer, with a noticible twisting to the neck.

[plus and minus icons]

Plus and Minus

All of these fabulous icons were designed and incarnated as a font by Ben Morgan of A.D.1066 Design Studio.

Click HERE to download the font.

Copyright © 2001 by Paul Czege.